• Chess game - 32 cm tourist - Red
  • Chess game - 32 cm tourist - Red
  • Chess game - 32 cm tourist - Red
  • Chess game - 32 cm tourist - Red
  • Chess game - 32 cm tourist - Red

Chess game - 32 cm tourist - Red

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    Wooden chess game - 32 cm tourist - red

    Our Wooden chess gamesoffer you an increased experience for both amateurs and experts, especially with our multitude of choices and design, but also thanks to:

    • The trays are made of pine wood.
    • The parts, made of wood, benefit from a beautiful finish.
    • The parts of the game are balanced for a pleasant grip and a fluid displacement on the chessboard thanks to their integrated skating.

    The rules of chess:

    The chess game opposes two players on both sides of the set that we callchessboard. It is composed of 64 clear and dark boxes. The players play in turn by moving one of their sixteen pieces.

    Each player has initially aKing, alady, of themtowers, of themcrazy, of themridersand eightpions

    The goal of the game is to make sure to block the King So that he can no longer move, this action of blocking the king is called checkmate

    You will find below the starting position on thechessboard :

    Each piece can move to the player's choice on one of the boxes marked with a cross. Apart from the pawn, they capture an opposing room which is on their trajectory, without being able to go beyond. With the exception of the grip by the way, the part that captures takes the place of the captured part, the latter being definitively withdrawn from thechessboard.

    • the mad, the tower and the lady are long -range parts (or lines): they can move along lines. Each camp has two madmen: they always move on the boxes of the same color, diagonally; Each camp therefore has a Crazy of clear boxes, and one Dark huts.

    • the King moves with a single box at a time, it has a special movement rule: the Roque.

    • the rider cannot be intercepted by any of the pieces around him, he jumps until his arrival box.

    • the pawn Can move on the boxes marked with a cross (without being able to capture an opposing room there), and can capture on the boxes marked with a round (without being able to move there if they are empty).

      Each of the pions can move two boxes at the same time during its first trip (eg the F2 and G7 pawns in the diagrams below). The pions have a special capture rule: The taking by passing.

      The pions Can never go back, white pawns are heading for the eighth row, black pawns are heading for the first row, and are necessarily promoted as soon as they reach it.

    The chess game is a strategic game that offers different tactics, I invite you to consult the following link to find out more and learn to play chess:


    Features :

    Dimensions  32cm x 17.5cm x 5cm
    Weight 0.800 kg
    Recommended age 6 years and over
    Number of players 2 players
    Wood Pine

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