Who are we ?

This is the story of a trip, an experience, a meeting.

I am Adrien Caro, I am 24 years old, and I am the one who hides behind this shop. I'm going to tell you my story that led me to launch Orac-games.com. For the one who understood it, Orac means my surname in verlan. Class right?



In 2018, I decided to take a break in my studies to go with my girlfriend in Scotland.

Once there, more precisely in Glasgow, I did not have the choice to find small jobs to pay my rent and the costs of life. After some difficulty finding work, I saw an ad to work on the Glasgow Christmas market, especially to sell wooden games.

It was October 25, 2018, so I contacted the advertiser who responded negatively to the offer, because other people had positioned themselves on the position.

But being short of money, I proposed to the advertiser to at least help him set up the stand, against a ticket. He finally accepted my boost to prepare the stand.

Two days before the launch of the Christmas market, the advertising contacted me and told me that the person on the post had withdrawn and that in view of the motivation I showed him, he gave me the Seller position on the Glasgow Christmas market.

This is where it all started, I discovered the wooden games on November 09 and I sold them until December 23 in the evening.

I literally fell in love with wooden games, that's why today I suggest you find them on my website.


Why do I offer my wooden games?

  • The games are synonymous in my opinion of sharing, of happiness and especially of good humor!
  • They touch everyone, adults and little ones! They are beneficial for your mental health, your logic or your skill.
  • Our wooden games are responsible and lasting over time, they are timeless and can be transmitted from generation to generation.
  • All our games are handmade  ! 
  • The wooden games offer you a sensory experience, with the smell of wood, its visual shapes and of course its touch.

The origin of our games

Our craft games come from two countries:

  • Asia (Thailand): Chinese puzzles and board games

Our puzzles are designed in our Chiang Mai workshop with respect for men and its environment. We have chosen to call on the know-how of our Thai friends, to work hand in hand and offer you the best game experience.

Our games are standardized

Indeed, all of our games meet European standards. The mention is affixed to all of our games. They guarantee you the best experience.

Our good deed

With each purchase in our shop, a game is donated to the associationEdenProjects.org  .

"A game bought, a planted tree"



I hope that following your reading, you too will be tempted by our world of wooden game and that you will have fun with us!